Grande West’s LD Micro Presentation

This is a recording of Grande West presenting at the LD Micro Conference on Dec 06, 2016. William Trainer, President and CEO was the presenter. … [Read more...]

Building a Global Telecom Company – Siyata Mobile ($SIM.V $SIMFF)

If I were to tell you there is a company who is marketing the world’s first vehicle mounted smart phone device targeting commercial vehicles and fleets, the only such device providing both data and voice capabilities, built on an open and flexible Android platform and is app enabled, would I have … [Read more...]

Making a Case for Ackroo ($AKR.V $AKRFF)

You've probably heard of them.  You may, like me, have even owned shares of them before but for various reasons they may have fallen off your radar.   Ackroo Inc. is definitely worthy of a second look and due to some recent developments it may be time to start following them again and consider … [Read more...]

“Q & A” with Select Sands CEO

Joe Bleackley conducted this email interview with the CEO of Select Sands ($SNS.V / $CLICF), Rasool Mohammad over the time period of March 6- March 8 2016. Joe: What is your background and can you tell us the story of how you got involved as CEO of Select Sands, and how you found the current … [Read more...]

Select Sands nearing Production ($SNS.V $CLICF)

On Feb 24, 2016, Brayden had a video call with Select Sands CEO, Rasool Mohammad. (Watch the video Here) The Highlights of the Conversation in my opinion are: Select Sands has no Debt The bank account has $3m+ The Share Price has been "beaten down" with the Oil Crash - But SNS.V is … [Read more...]

Lite Access (LTE) Co-Founder Mike Plotnikoff Interview

Lite Access Technologies is the world leader in Air blown fibre and microduct solutions.  Focusing on innovative, Micro-Trench technologies, Lite Access has made end-to-end fibre connectivity a viable, cost effective bandwidth solution.  They are a publicly traded company on the Canadians Securities … [Read more...]

Lithium X “Bases Loaded”

Today's markets are holding investors accountable for their own Due Diligence. With so many tools at investors fingertips, and so many companies out there, the companies that survive have to start off on the right foot.  You can check that box off for $LIX.V. When I look to invest my own hard … [Read more...]