Renoworks $RW Announces New Interior Moulding Enterprise Customer in Australia


Renoworks Software Inc. the leading visualizer for the home remodeling and construction industry, is pleased to announce it recently added an Australian-based interior moulding manufacturer to its platform.

Interior trim and moulding represents an exciting new product category for the Company as it works with additional manufacturers to bring visual solutions to the market and expand its product offerings.  The Australian-based company manufacturers and supplies specialized mouldings and architectural building products to all areas of the construction industry.  This manufacturer becomes the third enterprise customer on Renoworks’ platform to be based out of Australia.

“Renoworks continues to provide cost-effective solutions and expand its offerings into new categories. With over a million unique users a year on our platform, our partners and customers are seeing the benefit of working with us. Interestingly, the addition of another manufacturer outside our current North America focus illustrates the global potential as we continue to expand our industry reach.  In North America alone, there is a sizeable market segment with approximately 5,000 building products manufacturers and we’ve only begun to scratch the surface.”

Doug Vickerson, CEO of Renoworks

The Company is also pleased to report that it has completed the expansion of its sales team to support its strategic growth.  The new hires bring substantial experience and will complement the existing sales team and drive the sales initiatives for the Company’s multiple business units across all its applications.

“In response to the increasing demand in all of our business units we have once again expanded our sales team.  We now have all the components in-place both from a sales and operational standpoint to capitalize on our current momentum and position our Company for significant sales growth for 2018 and beyond.”

Doug Vickerson, CEO of Renoworks

For over 18 years, Renoworks has offered building product manufacturers various digital marketing and sales solutions that showcase their products in a realistic, true-to-life manner. By utilizing the Renoworks digital visualization platform, manufacturers of exterior and interior building products benefit from increased interactive engagement through web sites and mobile devices., resulting in an increased number of homeowner leads, better understanding of specific homeowner interests, and a rich compilation of user data they receive using the Renoworks platform.