Ackroo $AKR Adds 850th Petroleum Location


Ackroo Inc., a gift card, loyalty and rewards technology and services provider,  announced they have added another multi-location gas station chain putting the total amount of petroleum merchant locations Ackroo supports at more than 850. With the Company’s most recent acquisition of LoyalMark, which added more than 750 petroleum locations to Ackroo, the Company will now have an additional focus on this segment going forward which consists of quick lube and gasoline retailers.

“Adding technology advancements and many small and large merchants in the Petroleum segment was one of the key reasons why we acquired LoyalMark. Our acquisition strategy includes not only gaining customers, technology and talent but also helping us gain better penetration into markets like oil and gas. We see this segment as a very large area for organic growth for the Company and we plan to put great focus in 2018 on further developing in this area. What’s most exciting for this current win is that not only do we have a growing petroleum client base to keep learning and growing from but this account was brought forth by LoyalMark staff that recently joined Ackroo. We not only acquired a merchant base that we will develop and grow we also gained a healthy list of prospective accounts that is already converting into new business for Ackroo. This will lead to even greater organic growth for the Company in the years ahead and creates even more confidence that we will not only meet our goals for 2018 but will potentially exceed them.”

-Steve Levely, CEO of Ackroo