Relevium $RLV Signs Exclusive Distribution Agreement

Relevium Technologies(TSX.V: RLV) (Frankfurt: 6BX)

Relevium Technologies Inc. is pleased to announce the signing of an exclusive distribution agreement with Tersus Life Sciences for Provinal® C16:1n7 a patented, ultra-purified Omega 7 fatty acid blend .


  1. Provinal® is a patented ultra-purified Omega 7 fatty acid blend.
  2. Shown to decrease: insulin resistance, hepatic fat accumulation and acute and chronic inflammation – with no known side effects.
  3. Omega global market is estimated at USD 57B by 2025.
  4. North American exclusivity for online sales through Amazon, Walmart/Jet and others.
  5. Initial 2-year term.

“Omega fatty acid products sell extremely well online, especially through Relevium is extremely proud to have secured this deal. We will now enable all of our brands, be it BioGanix or new brands to have exclusive, cutting-edge products – a major differentiator for online D2C retailers swimming in a sea of generics. We would like to thank Dr. Tina Sampalis who sits on the Relevium Board and is also the Chief Science Officer at Tersus for providing this opportunity to us. Dr. Sampalis is credited with the discovery and pioneering of krill oil while she was at Neptune Technologies.”

-Aurelio Useche, CEO of Relevium Technologies


Terms of Exclusive Distribution Agreement

Relevium has a two year exclusive distribution agreement for defined online markets in North America, for certain exclusive Relevium formulations formulated with Provinal®. An option for an agreement extension will be evaluated, considered and negotiated by Tersus and Relevium, subject to the fulfillment of the two (2) year Agreement Terms. Any agreement extension would be evaluated, considered and negotiated ninety (90) days prior to its expiration of the second year of the Agreement.

Territory and Channels

The Agreement will grant Relevium exclusive rights to market, sell and distribute the products as described here to the defined online markets in North America for Relevium’s exclusive formulations and brands, with consideration by Tersus for additional countries. Additional or other geographical markets and territories will be agreed upon on a case-by-case basis with final approval to be granted by Tersus, such approval not to be unreasonably withheld. Minimum annual purchases for additional markets and territories will be decided and agreed upon by Tersus and Relevium.


Tersus will provide Relevium with exclusive formulations and product specifications and pricing for custom-formulated Provinal®-based products on an exclusive basis custom designed to target Eye Health and Cardio-metabolic/Metabolic Syndrome. Final formulations, product specifications and product and bottled quantities will be determined and approved by Relevium.

Appointment and Licensee

Tersus will grant Relevium a non-exclusive, personal, limited and non-transferable license for the Term of the Agreement, to use and display the Tersus Provinal® trademarks and Intellectual Property (“IP”) for the sole purpose and in accordance with Relevium’s obligations under the Agreement. Trademarks and IP shall mean those: trademarks, tradenames, service marks, trade dress, logo, copyrights in advertising and promotional materials, website and all website links in the territory, scientific and clinical studies and data.

Relevium also has the right to appoint sublicenses with prior authorization and approval by Tersus and subject to the control and responsibility of Relevium.

Scope of Products
Products shall include all Relevium exclusive Provinal® formulated products, the right of first refusal to market, sell and distribute future Tersus Provinal® and Provinal® combination newly-formulated products. Tersus will grant Relevium a right of first refusal to review and evaluate such newly-formulated products after which Relevium will advise Tersus of its acceptance or decline. Acceptance of future Provinal® newly-formulated products will be on an exclusive basis as defined by Relevium’s markets, channels and territories, and as agreed upon in writing.


“The krill oil market is expected to reach USD 709.4 million by 2025. We think that Relevium can be instrumental in building up the Omega 7 market for humans and pets with Provinal® through online marketing in North America. We see a strong opportunity here and are excited to provide access to cutting-edge nutraceuticals to online buyers.”

-Aurelio Useche, CEO of Relevium Technologies