Nano One $NNO Improves Battery Life

Nano One(TSX.V:NNO) (Frankfurt:LBMB) (OTC:NNOMF)

Dr. Stephen Campbell, Principal Scientist at Nano One, announced today that Nano One has developed technology that stabilizes lithium metal oxides for use in advanced lithium ion batteries and has filed a patent related to this stabilization technique.

This innovation alleviates degradation mechanisms that cause energy stored in lithium ion batteries to fade with each charge cycle. The improvements are most dramatic at higher operating temperatures, such as those seen in electric vehicles and could significantly increase the durability and the number of times that a battery can be recharged over its lifetime.

The technology applies to lithium mixed metal cathode materials containing manganese and is particularly advantageous with Nano One’s high voltage, cobalt-free, spinels. We believe this significantly improves durability and could play a prominent role in advanced lithium ion batteries and solid state technologies being developed globally for automotive, energy storage and consumer electronics. This technology is already generating considerable interest and Nano One is pursuing a number of related opportunities.”

-Dr. Stephen Campbell, Principal Scientist at Nano One