Naturally Splendid $NSP Health Care Line of Hemp Extract Formulations

Naturally Splendid(TSX.V:NSP) (OTCQB:NSPDF) (Frankfurt:50N)

Naturally Splendid Enterprises Ltd. is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with CannaDyne Distribution Inc., a nutritional formulation and distribution company of advanced plant-based formulations focused on direct marketing to health care practitioners. Under the agreement, CannaDyne will create a roster of proprietary plant-based formulations for the health care market based primarily on hemp based extracts such as hemp oil and hemp protein. More importantly, CannaDyne will develop formulations incorporating Naturally Splendid’s proprietary ingredients HempOmega(TM) and hemp protein isolate.

A manufacturing facility has been identified for the initial formulations with expected launch in Q1 of 2018. CannaDyne has provided the first eighteen formulations to Naturally Splendid and have several additional products under development for the Company. In regions where allowed, these formulations may be further fortified with CBD.

“The opportunity to develop products from one of Mother Nature’s most versatile plants, and the positively changing regulations surrounding industrial hemp, has created as significant an opportunity for product innovation as I have seen in my many years of product formulation.”

-Mr. Wayne Breen, CEO of CannaDyne

Naturally Splendid has completed preliminary work formulating beverages utilizing HempOmega(TM) and will now look to commercialize these formulations. CannaDyne will be working closely with key Company personnel such as Director Doug Mason, founder of Clearly Canadian and Advisory Board member Don Wood, former CEO of Arrowhead Spring Water Ltd. in creating HempOmega(TM) infused beverages. Additional R&D will continue utilizing our hemp protein isolate into functional and sports beverages.

“The agreement with CannaDyne continues to position the Company in the rapidly evolving beverage and edible markets, utilizing hemp extracts. These emerging opportunities are being fueled by the shift in diets to more plant-based nutrition as well as recent positive amendments proposed for the current industrial hemp regulations in Canada. Proposed amendments include the extraction and formulation of CBD from industrial hemp for fortification of beverages, edibles and topicals. Expectations are that these regulations will come into effect in 2018.”

-Mr. J. Craig Goodwin, President of Naturally Splendid

Additionally, the recent acquisition of Prosnack creates new opportunities in the functional, protein and meal replacement bar category also utilizing HempOmega(TM) and hemp protein isolate. As regulations allow for CBD fortification, the Company will further expand the R&D program to include CBD into various product lines.