‘Xeno Tokens’ New Blockchain Technology by Imagination Park $IP and InterKnowology LLC

Imagination-Park(CSE: IP) (OTC: IPNFF)

Imagination Park Entertainment Inc. and InterKnowlogy LLC are pleased to announce the proposed development of Xeno Tokens(R) by XenoHolographic Inc., a worldwide joint venture between Imagination Park and InterKnowlogy focused on delivering products, services and content while seamlessly enabling holographic experiences within augmented and mixed reality. When launched Xeno Tokens(R) intends to leverage Blockchain technology to monetize 3D content delivery.

“When businesses pay for advertising delivered to its consumers, there is little if any trustworthy ‘proof of success’. Companies must rely on well-known search engines or social media platforms to report what ads were served. By leveraging Blockchain technology for ‘proof’, XenoHolographic intends to provide the world’s first trusted content delivery network in a 3D holographic experience. Xeno Tokens(R) will be used by companies to pay for content delivered. Although a relatively new and emerging technology facing all the natural risks of embryonic development in the business community, InterKnowlogy has already delivered Blockchain technology and knows its strength. We believe Blockchain technology is perfectly suited for this scenario. We feel the teams at XenoHolographic, InterKnowlogy and Imagination Park have the content capability and technical expertise to monetize this unserved area of ad development and design.”

Tim Huckaby, co-founder of InterKnowlogy’s  and a director of XenoHolographic

The Company and XenoHolographic is expecting the launch of Xeno Tokens(R) in the first half of 2018 subject to a suitability review of securities and regulatory matters surrounding our leveraged Blockchain technology.

“With the explosion of augmented reality, we believe our novel approach to 3D augmented reality content delivery uniquely positions XenoHolographic. Thousands of businesses will be able to deliver holographic experiences instantaneously when it would have been near impossible before. Xeno Tokens(R) will be used as part of ‘proof of play’ of content delivery and engagement. Augmented reality is with us now, and we believe will be even more prevalent in the short term future.”

-Paul Silverrstieen, CEO of Imagination Park and director of XenoHolographic