Imagination Park $IP Announces VR Series With UFC Champion Michael Bisping

Imagination-Park(CSE: IP) (OTCQB: IPNFF)

Imagination Park Entertainment Inc. will premiere the first episode of their mind-blowing, six-part virtual reality series, The Michael Bisping Project. The VR series stars UFC Champion and the fighter with the most wins in UFC history, Michael Bisping.

On November 4th at Madison Square Garden, Michael Bisping will face off against legendary former Welterweight Champion Georges St-Pierre. With nine welterweight title defenses under his belt, GSP retired for 4 years but decided to come back again to prove he’s the greatest UFC fighter of all time.

“As far as I know, we are making history with this virtual reality series. Imaginaion Park and I will change the way people view this type of content and all I have to do is prepare to beat the crap out of the lizard… I mean Georges St-Pierre.”

-Michael Bisping

People using non-VR devices will see The Michael Bisping Project through stunning 360-videos that provide an inside look into his personal training camp and family life. But those with VR devices will be truly emerged into the experience. They will see and feel every obstacle, every injury, and every punch, kick and elbow as if it was they were actually there.

“Filming in 360 is the next frontier of filmmaking. With VR you’re able to immerse yourself in the world around you. So being in the ring with Michael as he trains for the championship fight has been an eye opening experience, thrilling, exciting and, at times, frightening. It’s unlike anything our team has done before and I can’t wait for viewers to experience it as well.”

-Raphael Rogers, Director of Film

The Michael Bisping Project is compatible with all VR and non-VR devices. The first episode premieres for free at