CanniMed $CMED Receives License from Health Canada to Produce Medical Cannabis Capsules

CanniMed Capsules2(TSX: CMED)

CanniMed Therapeutics Inc. has initiated production of CanniMed® Capsules, following the receipt of the Production License granted by Health Canada. Subject to Health Canada’s issuance of the required license to sell, CanniMed anticipates the Capsules will be available for patient order by end of calendar 2017.

CanniMed® Capsules are a pivotal innovation in medical cannabis therapy as they deliver medicine in a dosage form widely utilized in the pharmaceutical industry, provide precise dosing in each capsule, enhance patient convenience and will be formulated to produce long-lasting effect. CanniMed® Capsules are vegan to address patient’s specific dietary needs.

A recent survey of CanniMed® patients indicated 96 per cent of the Company’s current Oil patients are interested in trying one of the Capsule products when they become available.

“By encapsulating our top selling medical cannabis oil product, patients will quickly benefit from the convenience of the CanniMed® Capsules. We anticipate significant patient demand together with increased acceptance and prescription by physicians due to the Capsule treatment format which more closely aligns with those of traditional pharmaceutical products. The precise dosing of the Capsule medicinal delivery method addresses a major concern held by many physicians regarding precise dosing of medicinal cannabis.”

-Brent Zettl, President and CEO of CanniMed

The CanniMed® Capsules production facility is fully operational with rated capacity to manufacture 11,000 capsules per hour. This high capacity will enable CanniMed to ensure ample product availability immediately upon the product launch.

The first Capsule product available will be the CanniMed® Capsule 3:3, which is the encapsulated form of the Company’s top selling CanniMed® Oil 10:10. This will be followed shortly thereafter, by a high-CBD capsule. CanniMed® Capsules will initially be available in 60 or 120 capsule packages.