360 Blockchain $CODE Opens Office In Silicon Valley

360 BlockChain(CSE: CODE – FWB: C5B)

360 Blockchain Inc. is pleased to announce that the Company has opened an office in San Carlos, California in the heart of Silicon Valley, the leading high technology hub in the United States. 360’s office in Silicon Valley will provide the Company a presence at the center of the latest developments in blockchain technology.

In addition to identifying investment targets, the 360’s Silicon Valley office will also allow the Company to grow its team and work with leading edge talent.

“To have a regional office in Silicon Valley is a significant step for 360. It provides our team with access at what is truly the heart of advancements in blockchain technologies. Silicon Valley represents a hotbed of opportunities and connectivity, which will allow us to accelerate our investments in early stage blockchain technologies.”

-Mr. George Tsafalas, President and CEO of 360 BlockChain Inc.

360 is currently conducting due diligence on multiple strategic investments within Silicon Valley and beyond, some of which are in advanced stages. The Company anticipates that it will be in a position to announce an investment within the blockchain, cryptocurrency space in the near term.