Ackroo $AKR Releases Enterprise Enhancements For Their AKR3 Platform


Ackroo Inc., announced the new enterprise level product enhancements for their AKR3 platform. These enhancements focus on offering marketing services and business intelligence tools for merchants to gain greater insight and drive increased results through the AKR3 platform. These tools will derive data intelligence and will allow merchants to use that data for marketing and rewards campaigns. As Ackroo continues to work with larger brands, these advancements become necessary next steps in the Company’s product evolution.

Ackroo’s new marketing automation tools will enable merchants and Ackroo to:

  • Create and edit, email and direct mail marketing templates for easy customization and branding
  • Send these communications out in a simple and cost effective way
  • Support communications to any customer list of the merchant’s business
  • Create predefined triggers and rules around communications to be sent out, to remove manual work and offer configurable, recurring, and segment specific marketing campaigns

Ackroo’s new business intelligence advancements will enable merchants and Ackroo to:

  • Extract online and offline data to be imported into the AKR3 platform
  • Sort and segment the data based on specific business rules and domains
  • Present this data in real-time dashboards for quick insight, canned reports for merchants’ operations staff and business owners, and to be leveraged by Ackroo’s new marketing automation tools
  • Allow merchants and Ackroo to derive Return on Investment data and statistics to validate their rewards program and better guide the various marketing services Ackroo provides

“These product enhancements are yet another transformational step forward for Ackroo. Exciting advancements for our merchants and another big step forward for the Company”.

-Steve Levely, Chief Executive Officer at Ackroo