Hello Pal $HP Launches New Companion App Travel Pal

Hello Pal

Hello Pal International Inc. (CSE: HP FSE: 27H OTC: HLLPF) is pleased to announce the successful launch of its first companion app “Travel Pal”.

Travel Pal is the Company’s second major app release and targets the travel sector by encouraging ‘social traveling’ among its users.

Travel Pal enables this by making it easy for travelers to find locals who are open to helping fellow travelers by being a guide, meeting up, offering a place to stay, or simply giving advice.  It also allows people who are unable to travel to easily meet foreign people by simply acting as hosts to welcome travelers to their hometown.

A natural extension of Hello Pal, Travel Pal includes all the chat functions from Hello Pal and helps to further the Company’s mission of bringing the world closer together.  While Hello Pal breaks the ice by helping people from different cultures and countries converse online, Travel Pal aims to reduce the barriers to travel so that people can also meet face-to-face. 

“Our hope is that traveling becomes not just about sightseeing, but also about getting to know people from other countries better.”

-KL Wong, Founder of Hello Pal.