GreenBank Capital Inc $GBC Looking to Increase Investment Portfolio

GreenBank Capital Inc


GreenBank Capital Inc. has created a diversified investment portfolio of 7 private companies, and is now seeking additional funds for further investments.

GreenBank’s share price has risen from $0.05 per share in January to a high of $0.90 in August as investors take notice. The private placement comprises a $0.60 Unit of one common share and one 24-month warrant. The warrant grants the right to acquire one additional common share at $0.90.

GreenBank’s approach is to identify businesses with significant prospects that have the potential to become publicly listed.

“I see a huge opportunity in the small-cap and micro-cap space which is being neglected by the investment banking community”

-CEO Danny Wettreich

GreenBank, which is included in the CSE Composite Index, has just completed a dividend distribution to its shareholders of three subsidiary companies; Blockchain Evolution, KYC Technology, and XGC Software.

In addition to its stakes in Blockchain Evolution and KYC Technology, GreenBank’s other portfolio companies are an eclectic mix of mining, technology, financial services, and private equity.