InMed $IN brings the expertise of Ben Paterson

Inmed PharmaceuticalsInMed Pharmaceuticals, Inc. announced today that it has retained the consulting services of Ben Paterson, P.E., to assist in defining the pathway for the scale-up, purification, and manufacturing strategies for InMed’s cannabinoid biosynthesis program. Ben Paterson is Principal Consultant at PatersonChemE Consulting, LLC.Mr. Paterson has nearly four decades of experience in developing pharmaceutical manufacturing and purification processes. He was previously a Senior Engineering Advisor with Eli Lilly and Company, where he spent 37 years, including 24 years in their biosynthesis division. His expertise includes first defining processes in the lab, then scaling up to pilot and commercial scale. Mr. Paterson has conducted design, construction, operation, optimization, and troubleshooting of both large and small molecule drug facilities including the E. coli biosynthesis of numerous products. He brings experience in the seamless integration of biochemistry, equipment, and process control to successfully define a “process” at scale.

“Mr. Paterson brings significant experience in all facets of biosynthesis manufacturing and facility design , His expertise directing complex capital projects, overseeing facilities and equipment, and interfacing with various stakeholders will be a significant asset to InMed.”

Eric A. Adams, President & CEO