Imagination Park to produce “Proof of Concept” for a family film.

Vancouver, British Columbia – Imagination Park Entertainment Inc. (CSE: IP) (OTC: IPNFF) (“Imagination Park” or the “Company”) is pleased to announce that the Company has won a contract to produce a packaged ‘Proof Of Concept’ (POC) for a family-friendly feature film in the style of Harry Potter or Lord of The Rings.

Many films today are financed based on what the industry calls a ‘Proof Of Concept’, which is a complete creative package for a project, which includes script development, concept art, and a short film or trailer. The POC is created before financing is in place to show investors and studios what the film could look like.

This is similar to the traditional model of a record producer creating a professional demo for a musical artist in order to pitch to various record labels. A POC for film however, is much more detailed and could also include visual effects, actors, soundtracks, licensed footage from other films, movie posters and other marketing materials.

Upon completion of the POC, Imagination Park will be granted a 3-year exclusive option to shop the POC to studios, broadcasters, and financiers, among others that could transform the POC into a feature film, TV series or web series.

Colin Wiebe, Chairman and Director of Imagination Park comments “This past year was pivotal in both our own transformation and in partnering with content creators who are trusting Imagination Park with the development and advancement of amazing intellectual property. Today’s sale of a complete, Imagination Park produced, ‘Proof Of Concept,’ marks a significant milestone in the Company’s overall strategy, to grow revenue by bringing innovative content to life”.

About Imagination Park

Imagination Park is an emerging digital content production company, working with talented filmmakers around the world to bring conventional as well as virtual reality content to life.

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