Select Sands nearing Production ($SNS.V $CLICF)

On Feb 24, 2016, Brayden had a video call with Select Sands CEO, Rasool Mohammad.

(Watch the video Here)

The Highlights of the Conversation in my opinion are:

  • Select Sands has no Debt
  • The bank account has $3m+
  • The Share Price has been “beaten down” with the Oil Crash – But SNS.V is extremely close to being “In Production” with Industrial Clients (Not Energy)
  •  All of the “Insiders” participated in the 40 cent Financing in December.







Select Sands Corp ($SNS.V $CLICF) has a 42 million tonne silica deposit located at their core property in Sandtown, AR, USA.

The company is currently trading at $0.245 and has a market cap of under $14mm. Read our previous article on Select Sands Here




JoeJoe Bleackley

Disclaimer: At the time of publishing this article, I am a shareholder of Select Sands SNS.V

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