An Intro to Lithium X ($LIX.V)

In June 2015 we got really excited about Pure Energy Minerals (PE.V) in the Lithium business.  Many of us bought PE.V around $0.20 and watched the share price climb to over $1.00.  Well now we’re even more excited to introduce Lithium X (LIX.V) to our network – and for many of the same reasons.  Does Elon Musk’s name ring a bell?


Lithium X started trading on the TSX-V on Monday November 30th, and it was not until Friday when I purchased on the open market ~$0.39.  After making a few calls and doing some initial research it was an easy decision to invest into $LIX.V.

Here is the Who, What, When, Where and Why…


Executive Chairman, Paul Matysek

  • Guided Energy Metals from $10m market cap to $1.8Bn Buyout by Uranium One (2004)
  • Guided Potash One from idea to $434m buyout by German producer K+S (2011)
  • Guided Lithium One from idea to $112m buyout (2012)

Frank Giustra + Fiore Management & Advisory, Major Shareholders

  • Owns more than 10%
  • Involved in Wheaton River $2.4bn merger into Goldcorp
  • Involved in UrAsia Energy $3.1Bn merger into Uranium One
  • Founder of Lionsgate Entertainment

Dan Kriznic, CFO

  • Chairman, CEO of Invictus MD Strategies Corp (C.IMH)
  • Senior Manager, D

Brian Paes Braga, CEO

  • CEO & Founder of LIX.V
  • Broker, Jordan Capital Markets
  • Bio on Brian (Taken from CEO.CA):

“Brian’s father, Ruy Paes-Braga, spent over 25 years as General Manager of the Four Seasons Hotel in Vancouver, a popular hangout among the Vancouver finance crowd. The elder Paes-Braga taught Brian a sense of hard work and customer service that sets him apart from many other young capital markets professionals today.

Brian was very enterprising from a young age. As a teenager, he landed jobs at McDonalds and Starbucks and saved up to eventually buy an apartment in his early teens. He traded real estate well as Vancouver’s market soared, and organized parties to make extra money, saving everything he could. Astoundingly, he became a self made millionaire in his early 20s.

In 2009, Paes-Braga landed a job with Jordan Capital Markets in Vancouver, working closely with the firm’s co-founder Stewart Vorberg. Over the next five years, Paes-Braga was actively involved in financing early-stage mining, energy and technology companies under the mentorship of Vorberg. Coincidentally, Vorberg also gave Frank Giustra his first job in the mining investment business, hiring Giustra as his partner in 1980 at Yorkton Securities.

“They each had to earn their stripes,” said Vorberg, a broker since 1960. “They both had that tenacity, the ambition, and more importantly, the intelligence to make something happen in their lives.”

As a broker, Paes-Braga quickly earned a reputation as a client-focused professional. In late 2013, he landed one of the largest commissions in Jordan’s history when he was able to help an entrepreneur client sell his private business. It was Brian’s last ticket with the firm. He spent a year with exempt market dealer Intrynsyc Capital, investing and capital raising in more early-stage startups, before striking out on his own in early 2015.

Paes-Braga is launching his first mining deal at a time when the precious and base metals sectors struggle to breathe. He’s tapping into the revolution taking place in energy storage and vehicle electrification, and the insatiable demand these companies will have for raw materials like lithium.”


Lithium in Clayton Valley

  • Land package: 1544 acres with Plans of Consolidation and Expansion.
  • Adjacent to Albemarle Corporation (ALB:NYSE), $5.6 Billion Market Cap, Lithium Production Facility, the only Lithium Producer in North America.
  • Lithium X is finalizing plans for its 2016 first quarter exploration program at the Clayton Valley North project, and is actively evaluating potential technology and processing partners.
  • Clayton Valley, Nevada
  • Property boundary is less than 30 feet away from a producing Albemarle well.
  • Lithium was one of few metals to see price increases in 2015
  • Tesla needs supply from Gigafactory, scheduled to open in Nevada next year
  • Lithium Companies have been some of the top performers in the junior mining sector.
  • Attractive Share Structure:

    ·         Issued & Outstanding    28m

    ·         Warrants                             0

    ·         Options                                2.8m

    ·         Fully Diluted                      30.8m

    ·         Cash                                      $2.2m

    ·         Insider Ownership          30%


As you can see from this brief intro to $LIX.V there are many things to get excited about. will be covering Lithium X in the near future as we learn more about them every day, so please stay tuned for more to come.

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Disclaimer:  At the time of Publishing this article, Joe Bleackley is a shareholder of Lithium-X.

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