Pure Energy Minerals  – A future “Green Giant” in Lithium extraction.

Few metal and mining companies have caught my prolonged attention like Vancouver’s Pure Energy Minerals (PE).  With only 47.1 million shares out and a market cap of 11.3 million, I was initially attracted to this company on numbers alone.  Pure labels themselves as a hybrid Lithium Brine exploration mineral process technology and Management Company, and when you look into their progress over the last year their handle is evidently justified.  For the last year while I have watched this company, their focus has been on their massive 8,000+ acre property in the Clayton Valley region of Nevada.

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Since receiving the exploration permit for Clayton Valley (CV), the company has steadily progressed its venture, closing private placements in July and August last year, hiring two additional seasoned technical executives shortly thereafter, and announcing the beginning of a comprehensive exploration program in January of 2015.  It was just three months later that the company announced that the exploration program was successful.  In addition, the company is working with two global companies on testing new lithium extraction technologies on CV lithium-enriched brine.

Our Team contacted  Jeremy Poirier, a Director of Pure Energy Minerals for an Interview.

Here it is:

The Trader’s Boardroom (TBR):  At this point, there has to be a significant increase in optimism?  How long did it take to get to this point?


Jeremy: Pure Energy has accomplished a lot in the last six months.  The merits of the property attracted two senior technical executives to the management team in November 2014: Dr. Andy Robinson, a Ph.D. geochemist with a successful track record in public companies; and Alexi Zawadzki, a hydrologist and former VP Business Development West for a $4B Calgary-based energy company.  Both have added significant horsepower to Pure Energy.

In December 2014, Pure Energy closed another private placement, this time, much larger at  $2.2 million.  Robert Mintak, CEO of Pure Energy was quoted in the news release as being, “happy with the speed and confidence with which it closed”.

TBR: There are varying strategies for putting out news releases depending on the company, Pure is consistently releasing news.  

Is there any reason for this other than keeping shareholders informed?


Jeremy: Creating value for shareholders drives everything we do, and we always want to keep our shareholders informed of company activities.  As discussed, we have accomplished a lot in six months, including augmenting the team, raising capital, defining the resource, sourcing and testing technology solutions for lithium extraction and processing and building strategic R&D and potential commercial relationships.  These developments are reflected in on our news flow.

One of the key components for the success of PE is its focus on new technology extraction methods and at the beginning of this year, the company utilized the services of Tenova Bateman Technologies to test their Lithium recovery process.  The short version of this proprietary technology allows for an environmentally friendly, more efficient recovery process that is not affected by weather.  The process used, LiSx (TM), put simply, eliminates the use of “large scale evaporating ponds”, reducing processing time from years to hours and increases mineral recovery efficiencies to a potential 99% Lithium recovery.

TBR: How confident were both Pure Energy and Tenova Bateman that the lithium extraction testing results would be as good as they turned out to be?


Jeremy: Tenova Bateman has drawn on their decades of experience in the commercial application of solvent extraction technologies in various metals towards the development of their LiSX™ lithium extraction technology. They have successfully tested their proprietary technology on many lithium brines from around the world and are very confident in its performance.  Pure Energy was cautiously optimistic about engaging Tenova Bateman to conduct the testing of their LiSX™ technology on brine from CV, but was ultimately thrilled with the results.  We achieved virtually a 100% lithium extraction efficiency and produced an extremely high purity lithium chloride solution.  This is a disruptive technology in the lithium space as it has the potential to lower production costs while increasing efficiencies, and is therefore important towards unlocking the value in our Clayton Valley property.  Our experience so far with Tenova Bateman has been excellent.  They are a very professional group to work with.

Late in April, PE announced completion of its initial 2015 exploration program and since then, the company has acquired more lands, signed an enhanced memorandum of understanding with POSCO, attended strategic partnership meetings in Nevada and California, and just days ago it was announced that PE received a $25,000 Engage Grant from the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (“NSERC”) to collaboratively study aspects of selective lithium removal from brines with Professor Pierre Kennepohl of the University of British Columbia. The work will also investigate how lithium is exchanged between brines and lithium-containing solids in samples from the Clayton Valley Property.

TBR: How important is it for PE to be partnered with the “home town” University in furthering technical advancements in green extraction?


Jeremy: PE is fortunate to have our COO Dr. Andy Robinson on board; his relationship with the team at UBC was key to securing our participation in the NSERC grant. The local State universities in Nevada offer abundant capacity to conduct research and development in the lithium sector, both in battery development and mineral processing technology. With Nevada becoming a world hub for lithium battery developments Pure Energy has been fostering  relationships with these institutes and hope to be at a point in the very near future where we will be able work with them in similar ways to our venture with UBC.

TBR: What milestones should a potential investor look out for?


Jeremy: Pure Energy is keen to continue the momentum we have demonstrated in the first half of 2015.  Significant milestones will include the release of a 43-101 compliant inferred resource report, which is expected shortly. PE is actively pursuing and developing relationships with potential strategic partners.  We are advancing our previously announced relationship with POSCO.  In addition, we are looking to broaden the awareness of our project in the USA with a listing that is underway now.   We are also in the process of planning the next stages of our exploration program in Clayton Valley.

I would like to thank you for your time.  I look forward to reading about the progress of the company in the coming months.

Pure Energy Minerals is a publicly trades company on the TSX VENTURE: PE, FRANKFURT: A111EG and OTC PINK: HMGLF.  For a more complete picture of this company please go to www.pureenergyminerals.com or you can follow them on twitter @pureenergyminer

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Disclaimer:  At the time of Publishing this article, I am not a shareholder of Pure Energy Minerals.

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