Invictus MD – Opportunities within fragmented industries

When it comes to Investing in the Marijuana Industry  there is certainly no shortage of opportunities.  Health Canada estimates that there will be 400,000 patients seeking medical marijuana in the next decade.  If the government legalizes it for recreational use (just a matter of time in my opinion), today’s $100 Million dollar industry could be a Multi-Billion dollar Sector over night. The “Green Rush” has attracted so much attention, that even Jr. mining companies have jumped ship so they don’t miss out on the new “Dot.Com” or “Dot.Bong” Era.  But the influx of new business has left the sector extremely fragmented – And Invictus MD plans on taking advantage of the situation. Invictus MD Strategies Corp. (“IMH”) is a publicly traded company on the CSE: IMH & FRA: 8IS. They are recently DTC eligible and will be trading on the U.S. OTC as “IVITF”.  They target companies with proven brands, strong customer focus, and significant growth potential. They provide capital to meet these objectives and years of management experience from a team that has been successful in all facets of business from start-ups to running large international organizations. The fundamental core of their operations is centered on the vast opportunities within fragmented industries. IMHCSE Today I had a chat with Brayden Sutton, The VP of Business Development for Invictus MD.  Brayden has spent the last 15 years developing businesses and has held many senior operational roles.  He has been developing projects in the medicinal cannabis sector exclusively since 2009 and was formerly the Executive Vice President of Supreme Pharmaceuticals and President of Cannabis Health Sciences, now a wholly-owned subsidiary of Invictus MD. Here’s my Interview with Brayden: Joe: Can you tell us how Invictus was started?

Brayden: Invictus was started with a passion to assist medicinal cannabis patients in various ways.  Using his previous experience of consolidating and rolling up companies, Dan Kriznic, CEO thought his expertise would fit very well into this fragmented industry.

Joe: What does Dan bring to the table as CEO?

Brayden: Years of experience in building companies, making tough decisions and turning operations from the red to the black.  He spent over 10 years at Deloitte LLP working with large companies.  The training he got there is based on a solid platform that’s recognized globally.  Dan was recruited from Deloitte and entered the educational industry, where he was an integral part of building Canada’s largest for-profit educational company.

Joe: Can you paint us a picture (in one paragraph) of what the Financials currently look like?

Brayden: I can’t send out this information on a one-off basis unfortunately until we submit our first quarter (this month), however we are using our resources as efficiently as possible – the majority of funds raised to date have been used for the various acquisitions which we have completed, and we have no debt. With a Chartered Accountant leading the way, cash management is top priority.
Joe: So I can see that Invictus is looking to increase ownership of Future Harvest, and it currently owns a Health Journal, a “Vape” Company, a patient management and consulting service.  
Are there plans to enter any other Marijuana spaces?
And What kind of influence does the global trend of legalizing Marijuana have on Invictus?

Brayden: There are actually 6 very distinct verticals; Future Harvest as you know is a 21 year old hydroponics manufacturer and distributor. Invictus currently owns 33.75% of Future Harvest, with the option to purchase up to 75%. Edison Vape has filed a US provisional patent on a truly disruptive convection technology for existing 5-10 thread batteries, and has really shifted into a business of it’s own stateside, as it get’s into selling pods in legal jurisdictions. Initial prototypes are anticipated in the very near future. Distribution is still a ways away, but it might turn out to be the real jewel of IMH. Cannabis Health Sciences owns the Cannabis Health Journal at among some other IP, has already partnered with some very respected global players, and I’d expect a big global relaunch of the Journal this Fall. It was founded in 2002. VitaLeaf is the patient management vertical led by Palu Philips, who has extensive experience in this arena, as well as in senior care homes, which is the biggest target for Vita Leaf. This has already begun north and south of the border. was founded in 2008 and sells vapes, grinders etc, and is growing nicely. Currently we’re looking to expand into Europe. Greener Pastures is the grow consultant/management division which provides expertise in the design, implementation, production and ongoing management of production facilities.  The team has over 30 years of experience and has built over 400 production systems which produces extremely high quality and high yield product.  We are nicely protected and buffered from any political issues without a grow component, and should the US and or Canada open up for rec/legalization then I would have to assume that it would positively effect every one of our verticals. They are also all very complimentary; for example Greener Pastures clients buy Future Harvest products, VitaLeaf members get Cannabis Health for free, Smokazon refers merchants to Cannabis Health etc etc.

Joe: These are exciting times for you and your company.
Thank you for your time.  We will check back in with you again in Q3.

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Disclaimer:  At the time of Publishing this article, I am a shareholder of Invictus MD.
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