Cardiff Energy – A Phoenix in the Oil & Gas Sector

On Friday May 29th Cardiff Energy’s share price closed at $0.13 on 1.4 million volume.

A few weeks earlier shares were trading at $0.07.  This 86% increase has caught the eye of many new investors, and has placed a big smile on the faces of current share holders.


Cardiff Energy Corp. (“Cardiff”) is an emerging junior oil and gas company engaged in the acquisition, exploration, development, and production of oil and gas properties in the United States of America with plans to expand operations into the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin. Cardiff is listed on the Toronto Venture Stock Exchange under the symbol CRS.

The boost in price and volume come at no surprise, as shareholders are anticipating big things over the next couple months.

At the request of our readers, we contacted one of the men “At the Helm” for an exclusive interview.

Jack Bal, President, CFO and Director brings 15 years of experience in the resource industry and public markets. Jack has been a CEO of a TSX publicly listed company and is currently a director with a number of TSX listed companies including CMC Metals, Grenville Gold, and Fiber-crown Manufacturing.

Joe: How did it all start for Cardiff Energy?

Jack: Cardiff Energy completed an IPO in‎ April 2012 on the TSX.V with producing assets in Oklahoma and Texas. Since then, Cardiff has focused on Runnels County Texas and the Gardner Lime play.

Joe: What is the opportunity for investors with Cardiff Energy?

Jack: Cardiff Energy is drilling a large horizontal well in Runnels county Texas, similar wells in Texas have produced up to 1500 bpd. The company is actively seeking and acquiring additional acreage to build production in the area.

Joe: What has been the biggest challenges or hurdles you have been faced with?

Jack: The biggest challenge has been the week oil market and the lack of capital it has created.

Joe: What are you most excited about, and what keeps you up at night?

Jack: I am excited about the potential to build a large oil and gas company. I am responsible for financing the company‎ and that challenge probably creates the most stress followed by the success of the well we will drill on June 15, 2015.

Joe: What milestones should investors look out for in the next couple quarters?

Jack: We will put the Clayton #1H well into production and be drilling the next well. On our way to creating good cash flow and a solid growth strategy.


Joe: Why is Cardiff Energy’s situation different from other emerging junior companies, and why will this contribute to the companies success?

Jack: Cardiff Energy came late to the party and in doing so did not take on debt to drill wells. Now, most oil companies are carrying large debt and they’re  having issues servicing the debt. Cardiff is debt free and is able to raise funds to drill and acquire land.

Joe: Is a takeover a possibility? What are your thoughts on this situation, should it arise?

Jack: Cardiff Energy has a plan to grow by drilling and at the right time be a candidate for takeover. I would welcome a takeover at the right time when we can receive a healthy valuation.

Joe: Thank you Jack for your time.
I look forward to a future meeting where we can really dig into details

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Disclaimer:  At the time of Publishing this article, I am a shareholder of Cardiff Energy.

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