“On the Cutting EDGE of wireless technology”$YFI – Edgewater Wireless

Edgewater Wireless (YFI.v) for those not technically savy, of which I am one, has patented technology, over 20 in fact, to solve congestion problems for WiFi access in high density areas, offering more than one channel as opposed to devices of the current age.  It’s much more than that, but as I learn this technical stuff, I will have to keep it simple.  As the proliferation of personal devices becomes the norm, the amount of access, data, and reliance on more, in a timely fashion will force the hands of the industry.  Edgewater’s claim, and many of us have experienced it, is that this growth is going to cause, “significant Quality of Service issues as the result of increased bandwidth usage as well as interference caused by multiple access points functioning within a condensed geographic area”.  The technology seems poised to solve two issues when trying to connect, density of users, and the impediments of large structures.


If you are skeptical, it appears one of the larger personal device creators seems to think different.  It was announced in March that Edgewater had struck a deal with a “major” handset and tablet manufacturer.  The deal actually occurred in January of 2015.  The company was Apple, and was confirmed by visiting the United States regulatory site, where apple filed the document.  The sedar document is below it does not name Apple.



Although not named by Edgewater they did provide a hint in this statement,

“When a major industry player knocks on your door and wants to acquire a non-core piece of your technology, it shows we’ve developed something truly world class,” said Duane Anderson, chief technology officer of Edgewater Wireless.

Edgewater has entered into strategic partnerships with G2 Industries and just recently Zinwave, which has a global reach, and further legitimizes this promising company.  There is also the matter of the Fortune 500 retailer that Edgewater is involved with, and although no comment has been made as to what company this may be, or what the relationship will be, it keeps investors optimistic with that anticipated announcement.

The last key bit of information was the April 24th announcement that Edgewater had $886,000 through the exercise of 8.2M warrants.  In the release it was mentioned that ‘Closing of the warrants was extended by the TSX-V pending a material event. The material event is ongoing and the Company will update as the event develops”.  With the volume going the way it has, and the share price working to new highs, the anticipation about what is coming from this company is creating excitement for this Canadian Tech play.  Let’s hope they can carve out their share of the anticipated market of $21 Billion by 2019.

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Disclaimer:  At the time of Publishing this article, I am a shareholder of Edgewater Wireless.

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