$NPH Vanc Pharma’s Road to Commercialization

Among other companies on the TSX Venture,  the road to commercialization and becoming the only Western Canadian generic drug company has been happening faster than one would think.  Vanc Pharma’s journey  took a change of direction about 2 years ago, and since that time they have brought in a few “Heavy Hitters” from the Canadian Pharmaceutical Scene.

pharmacist Arun Nayyer only joined the company in November 2013, but he came along with an extensive track record and specialized knowledge in the generic drug market. He has held executive positions with pharmaceutical companies in Latin America, Asia, and Canada.   Arun has been instrumental in opening up new markets abroad, and domestically his accomplishments include Director, Business Development and International Sales for Shoppers Drug Mart (“SDM”), consulting for Sanis Healthcare, George Weston Ltd. (Loblaws group), and SDM. Mr. Nayyer and his management team are highly regarded in the generic drug market space, and have managed to achieve Health Canada Approvals on 35 molecules (drugs) in 10 months and for only a cost of $300,000 dollars.  This task can generally take 3 to 5 years and 5 million dollars to complete.

In January 2015, Vanc pharma placed an inventory purchase orders for 30 generic molecules and expects to deliver these products Q2 2015. “We are excited to take this important step towards commercialization and look forward to launching sales in Q2 2015.” The 30 molecules represent the most popular  generics in the Canadian market.  NPH Vanc Pharmaceuticals aims to provide Canadians with quality and cost-effective products. “Our initial marketing and outreach activities with select pharmacy customers in Western Canada have been positive and we look forward to working with our partners.” – Arun Nayyer

HT Capitol has estimated 2 to 3 million in revenue this year and possibly 7 to 8 million in 2016.These of course are strictly “ballpark” figures.

A few more points of interest include:

  • The recent hiring of one of Canada’s top marketing and sales Managers.
  • The company currently holds 2.4 million in cash.
  • Health Canada just approved 5 more generic “molecules” in  14 dosages.
  • Received arrival of their first Inventory order in April 2015.
  • Currently hold a L.O.I.  with a Western Canada multi-chain pharmacy, which they plan to become a preferred supplier of generic and over the counter (OTC) products. -Q3 2015
  • Plans to start manufacturing specialty OTC generics in Canada.

These are just a few of the milestones and highlights that have been happening with Vanc Pharmaceuticals.  The future looks even brighter after the recurring cash flow starts near the end of Q2 2015.  In a few year’s time, today’s closing share price of $0.44 might just feel like that first flight of stairs in a 10-story High Rise building.

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Disclaimer:  At the time of Publishing this article, I am a shareholder of Vanc Pharmaceuticals.

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